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Massage Therapy

At Holland Park Pilates, our philosophy of treating, nurturing and caring for the total wellbeing of a client, is core to our work. Massage plays an important role in this holistic approach, allowing us to complement our Pilates work on a deep and vital level.


Sang-gyé (pronounced Sung-yay) is our resident, highly skilled massage therapist with over 20 years experience.


Her massage techniques include:

  • Deep Tissue

  • Myofascial Massage 

  • Tibetan Massage

A variety of techniques are utilised to assist in producing a healthier and more vital system, promoting wellbeing, relief from pain and regeneration of damaged muscle tissue.  Among them; stretching to release fluids caught in the connective tissue between muscle fibres, palpating and pressure point placement to break up and release adhesions, soft tissue techniques which stimulate the body’s healing processes & movement to assist the body in releasing habitual patterning & recovery of natural alignment.

A client’s life style and history are all considered in designing an individual treatment.

Therapeutic Massage compliments Pilates perfectly as it assists in releasing musculature from deep resistive tension allowing for new, freer & healthier muscle habits to take hold thus, facilitating a faster track toward renewed natural body alignment and a general increased sense of wellbeing.


Massage complements our approach to recovery and fitness by:

  • Shortening recovery between workouts

  • Improving range of motion and muscle flexibility for improved power and performance

  • Preventing of future injury and loss of mobility

  • Restoring mobility to injured muscle tissues

  • Maximising supply of nutrients & oxygen through increased blood flow

  • Enhancing elimination of metabolic by products

  • Reducing pain and stiffness

Massage is available by appointment.


To book a session please call the studio.


Massage is available by appointment. Please contact us to book either a 30, 60 or 90-minute treatment.      

Contact us

If you would like to discuss any of our services please contact us and we will be happy to arrange an appointment for you.

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