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"It's hard to believe it's more than 5 years since I started my weekly Pilates sessions with Reinhard.

A spinal injury more than 20 years before had affected the flexibility of my Lower back.  I'd got away with it for years but was finally getting what I thought were inevitable aches, pains and strains.  My posture was suffering and I was actually shrinking.


My doctor suggested Pilates.  Reinhard's postcard had recently dropped through my letterbox - luckily I'd kept it - and the rest is history.

I can honestly say I don't even think about aches and pains.  I stand up straight and I've 'grown' half an inch.

What's great about Pilates is that you can do it at any age -I plan to be doing it when I,m at least 90 - and its fun."

Jane S, Age 74 
Retired Executive

"After years of back pain and physiotherapy I decided to try Pilates. after 3 months i no longer had the back pain and felt stronger in all parts of my body. the sessions are very enjoyable in a calm and friendly atmosphere. no two sessions are the same with Reinhard paying much attention to each client's individual requirements and abilities.

You know I think you are brilliant!"

Sarah M,  Age 41 

"I started going to Holland Park Pilates five years ago. Initially I wanted Pilates to help with my damaged knee as well as get a long and lean look to my body. I carried on with my Pilates regime throughout both my pregnancies. Reinhard von Hardenberg gave me the direction and attention I needed to make sure I still got a great body work out whilst also checking i was doing the right exercises in the right way to ensure the safety of my babies. I felt confident in exercising throughout and later in the pregnancy my regular Pilates sessions really helped to keep my spine supple (what with all the baby's weight putting pressure on my back and joints). The focus on making sure i was strengthening my pelvic floor really helped both through the pregnancy and post birth and the fact I remained fit and active meant my body popped back into shape with ease. I exercised with Reinhard until the week both my babies were born."

Deborah B, Age 38 
Fashion Editor and Mother. 

"When I first went to Reinhard nearly three years ago my posture and walk were stiff and awkward following two hip resurfacings. I now move and feel like a different person, am stronger and more flexible. Sessions are fairly intensive, but also fun, and you may get some play and restaurant reviews as a bonus."


Lesley C, Age 65 

"I am now about half way through my first 20 sessions of Pilates with Reinhard. I am already noticing a difference in my body, particularly with my posture and a reduction in aches and pains. I am excited by the prospect of getting leaner and, more importantly, learning better muscle memory to stay healthy and fit for many years to come! Reinhard is a great teacher, very engaged and works at 100% through the whole session.


So far so good!"

David S, Age 45 
CEO & Entrepreneur

"Pilates with Reinhard was the perfect complement to my many sporting activities and, since my serious knee injury, it has been the cornerstone of my rehabilitation providing key strengthening exercises whilst maintaining my overall physical condition. Every session with Reinhard is different, challenging and immensely rewarding. His knowledge of Pilates and how each exercise relates to the body is limitless." 


T Edmunds, Age 34 
Film and Theatre Director

"A believer in the power of the Pilates method to heal and strengthen the body, I came to Reinhard with acute back pains that could keep me stuck for a week on end. I've been training with him once to twice a week for a few years now and my body is so much stronger, able to withhold pressure, bounces back in a blink and is more toned and defined. Every session brings on a new set of exercises and challenges, I am using muscles I hadn't used before. I couldn't recommend him enough as a Pilates trainer."

Syma A, Age 36 
Mother and Entrepreneur

"When I began pilates lessons with Reinhard I was a typical product of a desk based lifestyle: very poor flexibility, posture, completely out of shape. 

After an initial chat , Reinhard worked with me on a weekly basis, devising a series of exercises that were challenging but totally focussed on improving my overall condition. Within weeks I noticed a dramatic improvement in all areas. We also worked specifically on improving my flexibility to play golf, and again, a massive improvement in my ability to rotate and really hit the ball! I would recommend anyone to try this particular pilates regime you will be amazed at what is possible!"

Andrew W, Age 45 

"Every lesson I have with Reinhard is different, interesting and always challenging. I have been coming to Reinhard's studio for a year, looking to increase mobility in my spine, strengthen my shoulders and arms and lengthen my hamstrings. My shoulders are stronger, I can see and feel the difference and my spinal mobility is improving. There is always room for improvement and I enjoy the challenge that brings. Always encouraging, Reinhard is a very observant and careful teacher making sure the exercises are done correctly with safety of highest importance."

Iona, Age 50 
Pilates Instructor. 

"I started Pilates with Reinhard just over two years ago at a time when I was aware that I was losing strength and flexibility in my body. His approach is scientific, professional and above all, enthusiastic which has motivated me to continue.. As a result I am well on the way to regaining a degree of athleticism I thought was lost forever and my posture and balance is significantly improved. See you tomorrow."

Susan B, Age 65 

"After trying Yoga and Pilates at my local gym I decided to research on where I could get the best Pilates classes in my area. I came across Holland Park Pilates from numerous search engines on the internet and found their website to be the most welcoming. As an avid sports player from a very young age flexibility and grace are two words which would not describe me physically but as time has gone by I have realised their very importance. Slightly hesitant I rung up and made my initial appointment. On arrival I was welcomed by Reinhard himself and I have never looked back. I was made to feel at ease in his beautiful studio and have now been going twice a week for the past 4 months. Although, as we all know, Rome was not built in a day (as I am continuously reminded!) I feel as if my progress has been special; not only for the treatment I receive but the wealth of knowledge Reinhard has with the human body and Pilates itself. I feel re-energised and confident by each passing class. Recommendations I dont give out freely, however this is one I would without a moments hesitation."

Leila F, Age 27 


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